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March 10, 2017

New Stand and Mount - SnapGrip Holder Now Available

The SnapGrip Holder is a small button that makes your phone grippy and comfortable to use. Just pop it out, then prop it up as a stand or use it like like a handle to grip your [[device_name]] more comfortably.

Compatible with all devices, you can use it to get a more secure grip while texting, calling, web surfing, or taking photos.

Washable 3M adhesive sticks the SnapGrip Holder securely to most devices and cases with a smooth surface. If you want to reposition the SnapGrip Holster, just peel it up and the reusable adhesive will stick back down, strong as ever.

BoxWave's SnapGrip Holder: The tiny button that adds a ton of functionality!

You can find more information about the SnapGrip Holder and other stands and mounts.