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June 14, 2018

New Samsung Galaxy S9 Case - Samsung Galaxy S9 EvoTech Case Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the EvoTech Case for the Samsung Galaxy S9!

Stylish, unique, and functional. BoxWave's Pure Crystal Slip for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is an ultra low profile rubberized case that slips and grips onto your Samsung Galaxy S9. Precision constructed with anti-slip and cushioned material, the Pure Crystal Slip case provides reliable protection from accidental bumps. It comes in your choice of various colors. This lets you customize the color of your Samsung Galaxy S9!

Designed with a clean and smooth back, the Pure Crystal Slip maintains the originality of your Samsung Galaxy S9.

You can find more information about the Samsung Galaxy S9 EvoTech Case and other Samsung Galaxy S9 cases and covers and Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories by BoxWave.