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September 7, 2017

New Quad-Port Rapid USB Wall Charger Now Available

BoxWave is now shipping the Quad-Port Rapid USB Wall Charger!

Need to charge 4 devices at the same time but are limited on available outlets? Not a problem! The Quad-Port Rapid Wall Charger has 4 USB outlets and is designed especially with power-hungry devices in mind.

Featuring a total 7.2 amp for charging larger devices such as iPads or tablet computers, or smartphones, iPods, digital cameras, and similar smaller devices, this thing has what it takes to deliver the power you need in a hurry.

The sleek and compact design sends the USB outlets to the side for easier access and to ensure that it truly uses only one outlet without blocking space from others chargers. Intelligent chip design and adaptive circuitry ensure that the Quad-Port Rapid Wall Charger won’t overcharge your device and can be used with both North American and International voltage standards. Simply plug in the USB cable that came with your device and charge away!

You can find more information about the Quad-Port Rapid USB Wall Charger.